It’s all about the people

All events have one big thing in common – they’re about people meeting people. The only thing that’s different is… well, everything else.

To get the message right, know who you’re talking to

No matter how good of a talker you are, you’re not going to talk to your 60-something conservative customer the same way you talk to your best friend at his bachelor party. Well the same goes for events. When you take the time to really understand your audience, the space, theme, program and entertainment come together like magic. Well, it’s not magic really – it’s TAPAUS magic.

Corporate events

Some people say ”time is money,” but the truth is it’s way more valuable than that. When your guests give you their time, you need to give them an event that’s worth every second.

Influencer and media events

What to do when you have to impress influencers and media?

Exhibitions and spaces

Exhibitions are a great way to push the envelope, bring creative concepts to life and make your company, product or service stand out from the crowd.

Brand experiences

We believe that shared experiences make stronger brands

Employee events

Organize an event for your staff just like you would for your most valued customers.

Eventful thinking

So what makes a great event? Hear what the event experts have to say and check out our blogs.

Why to use a Finnish company to plan a stand for exhibition in Hong Kong?

Planning goes smoothly on common ground

How do you create a sense of togetherness when people are spread around?

A virtual event enables effective communication and interaction

Organizing an event in Finland?

10 reasons to organize a corporate event in Finland

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