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Some people say ”time is money,” but the truth is it’s way more valuable than that. When your guests give you their time, you need to give them an event that’s worth every second.

The most successful events aren’t just about wooing people, they’re about wowing them. Customers, decision-makers, the media and more – every event is a chance to deepen relationships, give people butterflies, leave them speechless and give them an experience they’ll never forget.

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Telia Day ONE – number one in results too

We exceeded all the goals we set for this virtual event and that’s not because those goals were small, it’s because we did things right.


SPHERE22 was an untraditional unconference in both physical and virtual worlds.

Accenture, High Performance Business Forum

How to showcase the possibilities offered by digitalisation? We decided to arrange a top-class virtual event simultaneously in four different capital cities.

Outokumpu Experience Berlin

Tapaus was a partner in creating the most anticipated industry event, Outokumpu Experience 2015 in Berlin, May 27-28. “After Outokumpu Experience 2013 in London we didn’t think it was possible to set the bar higher. With Tapaus, we did that and exceeded all expectations!” Saara Tahvanainen Director, Marketing and Communication


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