Why use a Finnish company to plan a stand for an exhibition in Hong Kong?

The first question to ask is, which company would be best at executing a stand in the first place? The correct answers are: One that understands your company, its purpose and its goals. One that you trust and that makes cooperation easy. One whose actions are in line with your ideas and goals.


The correct answers remain unchanged even if the exhibition takes place in Hong Kong instead of Finland. But some new answers become relevant. For example: one that can overcome the inevitable language and cultural barriers.

Planning goes smoothly on common ground

The most important aspect of planning is finding a common thread. Planning is easiest with a familiar partner, who already knows the company, its background and its core. Such a partner is better able to focus on the creative work.

Even with a new partner, collaboration is easier if there is some common ground. Although we are citizens of the world and work in increasingly global environments, it is still easiest to work with people who share your language and culture.

A domestic company also offers practical advantages: people can get together for planning meetings, and it is easier to talk on the phone if you are in the same time zone. Thus, a mutual understanding can already be achieved in the planning phase.

Choosing a builder is central to managing risks

The most important step is choosing a builder. When the exhibition takes place in a foreign country and culture, there are already several variables in the equation. Once you add foreign builders and a language barrier, the situation gets even more complicated. A familiar domestic agency can eliminate many of the unknown elements.

The risk decreases when a familiar agency takes responsibility for the work of local builders. Many agencies have an extensive, global network of builders whose work can be trusted. The peace of mind that comes from certainty frees you to make bolder plans, as you do not have to fear the outcome.

A stand can easily be localised and adapted to the culture. The more demanding task is to capture the heart of the company. But that is really what counts. Even in Hong Kong.

8.12.2017 – Written by: Hannu Huttunen

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