Influencer and media events

Visibility has to be earned.

Journalists, bloggers and other influencer are constantly bombarded with super interesting and appealing ideas and suggestions. And that’s exactly why a really well planned-out visitor path is key to creating and event that will cut through all the noise and stand out. The goal is always to create an experience that will make the influencer want to share it with their audience. And the best case scenario is that an influencer ends up becoming a brand ambassador.

Influencer and media events might be the newest addition to Tapaus’s service offering, but the same old Tapaus rule of thumb applies: When you really understand what you want to say, who you want to say it to and how you want to say it, you’re already halfway to a truly impactful encounter.

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The theme of this virtual event was shown in an unconventional way as a collectively built city served as an interactive element throughout the event.

Once Upon a Time on Hudson River

When a ship that’s been booked as a venue runs aground and becomes completely unusable, the project team gets gray hair. To make the situation even more difficult, all of this happens in front of the Statue of Liberty, on the Hudson River, two weeks before the zero hour. So how did we pull this through?

Toyota Gazoo Racing launch

If you’re going to make a comeback to the FIA World Rally Championship after a 17-year
break, it’s best to do it loud and proud. At least that’s what we did when we set out to
create a car launch that was designed to be seen and felt.

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