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What? It’s difficult if not impossible to replicate or replace the interaction that happens when people are together face-to-face. And that’s why exhibitions are so important. To make sure your brand leaves an impactful and lasting impression on your expo audience, we’ll plan and execute expo stands and areas that impress, surprise and get real results. Our concepts are built around target group thinking, the visitor path and brand experience. They’re designed to create meaningful encounters and turn moments into momentum.

Why? Whether your goal is to strengthen your brand image, support your customer relations, launch a new product or purely to sell, we’ve got the solutions you need to succeed.

How? Our services cover everything from strategy to planning to execution. In other words, we take care of everything – from coming up with the perfect creative idea all the way to bringing that idea to life at your expo and measuring and showing you the results of what we achieve. We offer a full set of services for anyone planning their presence at expos in Finland and across the globe. Sustainability is at the heart of all the expo stands and spaces we design – from the initial planning all the way through to building and dismantling.



  • Concept development
  • Target audience planning
  • Brand image building
  • Visitor path and experience
  • Spatial design
  • Exhibition production
  • Exhibition stands
  • Measuring and results

Let’s create a great expo experience together!


Salla Komulainen

Business Director

+358 40 525 3608


A reuse rate calculator for exhibition stands

TAPAUS’ reuse rate calculator informs which proportion of an exhibition stand’s materials can be reused.

Airbus, CCW 2018

Sure, it would be easy to just dig last year’s set and materials out of the cellar and follow the same event script as last time. But the Airbus Secure Land Communications business unit definitely isn’t about taking the easy road. When a company is all about renewing itself and being a pioneer, that’s got to show in its exhibition stand.

Finavia World Routes Barcelona

A HEL of an Airport deserves a stand that lives up to its name. We made one that was as proud and edgy as it was smooth, open and friendly – but most of all it was fabulously Finnish.

Innovative and mobile exhibition stand – just like PopSockets

Together we created an innovative and mobile exhibition stand for PopSockets. Read more about the production and the final result.


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