Valtra G-series virtual launch

The global situation made this tractor launch to go virtual.

Events, exhibitions and factory tours have been a big part of Valtra’s marketing activities in recent years. But the current global situation forced us to come up with “plan B”… or should we say “plan V”. We needed to find a way for people to explore and experience the new tractors in the same way as they would in the showroom or factory tour. And we needed to come up with a location where we could launch the new Valtra G-series tractor to a really large audience. The schedule was unbelievably tight, with just four months from brief to launch. Normally planning and pulling off a production like this can take over a year. But that tight schedule definitely didn’t show at the event. In fact, it was exactly the opposite.

Valtra’s launches have always been live events for audiences of over a thousand. Now, for the first time ever, they organized a virtual event that reached over 14,000 people across the globe. The launch was held in a virtual showroom created especially for this event, with separate events for the media, resellers and end customers. It was really important to Valtra to take different language regions into consideration, so guests were able to choose to follow the broadcast in one of nine different languages. People were able to easily change languages mid-broadcast and they were able to select either subtitles or dubbed versions. After the event, viewers were ushered into a virtual showroom where they were able to get to know the tractors better, learn more about financing, and access a site with a material bank for the press and resellers.

Check out the event and virtual showroom in the video below

This totally new kind of launch event was a huge success that generated lots of positive customer feedback:

“Thanks again to your entire team! The feedback from the sales team, press and our own staff has been fantastic. And we started getting inquiries from end customers right after the event ended. This is Finnish expertise at its very best – thank you!”
– Pamela Engels, Valtra

Take a closer look at the Valtra showroom here.

Concept and visual planning: Tapaus
Showroom and launch site implementation: Kuubi
Technical implementation: Bright
Production space and engineering: Streamteam Nordic Oy

The TAPAUS team: 

Account director: Minna Vilkko
Executive producer: Taru Suokas
Prooducers: Linda Ahonen, Annina Huovila, Ella Matula

Concept design: Arttu Kallio
3D-design: Petri Rantonen
Graphic design: Sanna Lukkarila, Jomi Kyllönen

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