Tyttöjen taksi – Taxi for Girls

Getting home safely is a joint effort 

Everyone has the right to a safe journey home. However, 81% of women feel unsafe when out alone in the evening or at night. The purpose of the Tyttöjen taksi (Taxi for Girls) initiative is to draw attention to this problem and provide a safe ride home.

Tyttöjen taksi (Taxi for Girls) is a great example of the power of cooperation. It is the second time that Drama Queen, Neste K, and Valopilkku have organized the initiative, and TAPAUS took part in the arrangements for the 2022 edition. For the implementation, we turned to Takana’s security services, the event staff at Royals, and Framme’s production know-how.

Tyttöjen taksi (Taxi for Girls) also opened up new perspectives on responsibility for us. For the longest time, we have been committed to organising events in more responsible ways, and this initiative is a great example of taking on further responsibility in addition to environmental responsibility.

Tyttöjen taksi (Taxi for Girls) offered a safe ride to almost 70 people travelling alone and made a mark on many more city-dwellers in October, on the Friday following the annual International Day of the Girl Child. We were able to underline the importance of the topic both through the attention the event received and the achievement of our goals in terms of the number of rides.

Share your ambitious goals with us, and let’s think together about how your event could reach them.

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