Telia Day ONE – number one in results too

Telia Day ONE is Telia’s most important technology event, gathering IT and business leaders together to hear what’s happening now in the industry, get inspired by trends, and talk to Telia experts.

This time the event was organized virtually and the work we did with the amazing team at Telia was such a success that one guest summed it up like this: “Wow, this was world-class!”  We could easily go on and on about all the details of this event. And if that’s what you’re expecting below, you’re going to be disappointed*. But if you’re interested in the actual results we achieved, read on.

We exceeded all the goals we set for the event and that’s not because those goals were small, it’s because we did things right.

The key results

Goal: X number of leads and a commercial target of Y (ambitious targets we set with the client).

Why this goal: The number of potentially convertible leads we thought was realistic based on past experience.

Result: Generated leads: 120%, commercial result: 1160% of set targets.

How did we achieve this result: Customers pre-booked a free 15-minute consultation with a Telia expert or salesperson. During breaks at the event, guests were able to learn about a range of interesting services and products through carefully designed demos. In addition, every chat question was either answered or forwarded to someone from the Telia sales team.

Goal: >800 participants (B2B decision-makers)

Why this goal: An ambitious goal that we believed was achievable because the event was virtual.

Result: 1021 people registered and 869 participated. In addition, 191 people who registered watched the recording of the event and then checked out the demos.

How did we achieve this result: A carefully thought-out invitation process, pre-booked meetings and an interesting and inspiring program. The no-show rate for people who pre-registered was just 14.9%, a figure we were able to reach by calling everyone who booked a meeting to confirm in advance.

Goal: Participants should come away seeing Telia as more than an operator.

Why this goal: Defining the business.

Result: 80% of guests would recommend Telia as a full-service ICT partner.

How did we achieve this result: The right kind of content and a great group of Telia people.

Goal: The event should also improve Telia’s image internally.

Why this goal: Because your people need to support what you’re doing.

Result:  98% of Telia employees said they thought that the event was helping to build a unified B2B identity, and it got the most positive feedback ever from the Telia sales team.

How did we achieve this result: Well-planned and implemented internal comms before the event and running a successful event.

Other interesting results

653 demo visits – more than at the last live event. And this time every second was measured and every visitor was identified, which was an amazing tool for post-event sales.

573 chat messages during the event.

360 one2one video calls during the event breaks.

1823 private messages sent during the event.

”The best virtual seminar I’ve ever attended, so far ;). Good job, Telia!”

*) And of course a little bit about implementation too.

The TAPAUS team: 

Concept: Marianne Kiiski
3D-designer: Petri Rantonen, Tuomas Westerlund
Account director: Jaakko Huovila
Producers: Ilkka Setälä, Soile Niinikoski
Production coordinator: Justus Tikanoja

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