Retta personnel day 

About a thousand people from Retta gathered for the first time together under the same roof to celebrate the renewed group.

Our client Realia is now called Retta and we had the honour of organising the first encounter under the new name for about one thousand people.

The planning of the personnel day started already in January 2021, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, the event was postponed several times. Good things were worth waiting for and the day exceeded all expectations.

Retta staff representatives arrived from different parts of Finland. Over the course of the morning, the management team discussed the backgrounds and goals of the brand renewal, and the former footballer Aki Riihilahti gave an inspirational speech about team play. In the afternoon, staff members were deservedly highlighted at the awards gala, where categories included amongst others the newcomer of the year, manager of the year, and team of the year. The warm-spirited programme celebrated shared success stories and the realisation of Retta’s values in everyday life.

Retta’s partners were also present and brought their own touches to the day’s content. Many interesting discussions were held at the partner stands and in other moments, as well as celebrating Retta’s brand renewal together.

As the evening drew closer, the mood of the personnel day shifted into pure fun at the Retta Rock festival. The host of the evening was the musician and TV personality Mikko Kuustonen, who performed a wonderful song written exclusively for Retta as the opening number. The highlight of the evening was Lauri Tähkä‘s energetic concert.

The best part of this memorable day was the happy encounters between people, the conversations, and the overall warm sense of unity. Events have a purpose and the collaboration was a true team effort to concretely kick off the new era for Retta.


The TAPAUS team:

Project Leader: Milla Gröndahl
Creative: Elina Leppälä
Executive Producer: Taru Suokas
Producer: Pauliina Ruusunen
Production Coordinator: Ida Taug


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