TAPAUS executed the Covid-aware staff logistics during scheduled maintenance at Neste Porvoo refinery

“During the spring, when the infection rate was at its peak, we were able to pull through the unit turnarounds involving 500 employees without a single Covid infection. Thanks to the safety measures, flu spikes and stomach bugs were also completely absent for the first time. Many thanks to TAPAUS and our staff for the top-quality planning and execution of the project. Through this successful cooperation, we will continue to turn to Tapaus to plan coronavirus precautions for major turnarounds in the future.”

Jukka Kanerva, Director, Neste Turnarounds 

We were able to plan and implement the personnel logistics required for the major turnaround ie. scheduled maintenance of Neste Porvoo refinery

We received an exciting assignment from Neste in autumn 2018. Our task was to guarantee the safe and efficient mobility of 6,000 professionals in the refinery area for several weeks during spring 2020.

Together with Neste, we planned a parking lot with a capacity for 2,000 cars and a terminal building in an eight-hectare area beside the Porvoo refinery, where the contractors could take care of various measures related to access permits. A plan was devised for a path to the refinery which would pass through the terminal building. Every day, employees would then be transported around the clock by buses to the refinery and back again.

In addition to the implementation of staff logistics, Neste asked Tapaus to include elements that would enhance customer experience and which were familiar from events during the turnaround. Gathering best practices from event planning, Tapaus could then improve the service angle and offer enjoyment and community spirit during the process, in addition to safety and efficiency.  

The pandemic changes plans – from a major turnaround to an overseer of Covid safety in unit turnarounds

We prepared a logistics plan and devised its implementation for a year and a half. Construction of the turnaround terminal was interrupted by the coronavirus pandemic in March 2020, however, and the implementation of the major turnaround was thus postponed.

However, the coronavirus pandemic did not bring our project in Porvoo to a complete standstill. Since we had gained the trust of Neste in planning the personnel logistics of the major turnaround, we were asked to plan the diverse hygiene and human logistics measures for the smaller maintenance turnarounds. In the spring, 500 people worked in the refinery’s various unit turnarounds. Their work was critical to the national security of Finland’s supply chains, with no possibility of interruption despite the virus pandemic.

Together with our risk management partner Takana and Neste, we worked with e.g. different authorities in order to allow a critical foreign labour force to enter the country and to work on the construction site after a quarantine period.

Zero infections through active monitoring and a good customer service attitude

The starting point of the risk management work was an assumption that there were already workers carrying the virus, and that safety measures needed to prevent the spread of the infection in the area of the refinery.

In practice, we situated hand washing stations at critical points, created Covid-safe conditions for issuing work permits, restaurant services, and even smoking areas. The active following of instructions was also key. Hand washing and distancing were monitored 24/7 throughout the month.

“We are really proud that Neste selected us for these projects and that we were able to take our event and project expertise to a completely new place. Safe and smooth staff logistics is always an important part of our events, and any failure is noticed immediately. It was a great honour for the whole team to take on such a large-scale and long-lasting logistics project.”

Antti Kihlström, Project Director, TAPAUS

The TAPAUS team:

Project Lead: Antti Kihlström, Hannu Huttunen
Creative: Petri Rantonen, Arttu Kallio
Executive Producers: Mari Aalto, Tiina Palojärvi
Producers: Soile Niinikoski, Päivi Henttonen, Valtteri Wallin, Elli Vähärautio
Production Coordinators: Henna Mansikka-aho, Hannu Pajari, Justus Tikanoja, Samuli Tiitola
Graphic Designers: Sanna Lukkarila, Jomi Kyllönen

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