Love Beauty and Planet meeting point, Flow Festival

An ecological summer living room

We created a summery and eco-forward living room for Unilever’s vegan and environmentally friendly cosmetics brand Love Beauty and Planet as an oasis at Helsinki’s hugely popular Flow Festival.

Love Beauty and Planet products respect the planet through a process of responsible manufacturing  and a long-term commitment to reducing our carbon footprint. These values served as the starting point for the carbon-neutral meeting point we created for the brand.

Based on our experience, here are some pointers for sustainability-forward consumer encounters:

1. Make use of existing physical framing

For Love Beauty and Planet, we chose to set up our summer living room on the lawn under the trees instead of building a garden-like milieu artificially on a concrete patch.

2. Explore recycled decorations and materials

The lounge chairs we found at Helsinki’s Reuse Centres, while the swing and ice cream bike used at the meeting point were later repurposed. Our aim was to minimise any need for artificial structures and to build our garden-like oasis with small recyclable elements to echo the brand’s sustainable and ecological values, and to create an experience lounge with a small carbon footprint. 

3. Host your influencer event in an existing space

We also threw a shared influencer brunch for Unilever and Basso Radio at the meeting point. In addition to the ready-made setting, a beautifully set vegan brunch was the icing on the cake. 


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