When content directs the event

KONE presented its stakeholders with the latest solutions to industry challenges at BUILDING TOGETHER, an event that truly lived up to its message.   

Content-driven event planning

The aim of the event was to discuss and develop solutions to the industry’s challenges together with stakeholders. In terms of format, it was decided that a virtual event where participants could take an active role was the best option.

The overall concept of BUILDING TOGETHER was the common thread throughout the event. This could clearly be seen in the AR (augmented reality) solution in operation: when registering for the event, the participants could create a personalized building according to their own choices, a sort of digital twin. Put together, the buildings created a city with AR technology at the event. The cityscape remained visible to the participants as part of the visual look and feel of the event.

Engagement through visual technology

The collective city built with AR technology served to symbolize the BUILDING TOGETHER theme. Furthermore, the buildings – as well as the city they made up – could be used to visualize data and illustrate different effects. Participants were soon presented with an interactive experience, as they were able to vote and take part in the day’s activities on their own device, while the effects of their choices would alter the cityscape in real time. The city that was built up on participants’ screens in the physical space added to the experientiality of the day and motivated the participants to stay active.

TAPAUS was involved with every element of the event: AR implementation, platform, invitations, planning and production of all content seen at the event, speaker support, and all other event features.

The TAPAUS team:

Account Director: Hannu Huttunen
Executive Producer: Tiina Palojärvi
Producer: Emma Liuski, Laura Juva, Hannu Pajari
Creative: Arttu Kallio & Matti Riikonen
Content & Technology: Matti Riikonen, Jonna Granfelt, Sami Smith, Väne Kantola, Janne Huikko


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