KONE: DX Class internal virtual launch

KONE took this internal launch to new heights

In early September, KONE launched the new DX Class elevators in an eye-popping internal virtual launch that reached more than 2,500 employees in 54 different countries.

While the event was physically broadcast from Helsinki, it was hosted virtually from an amazing skyscraper in Singapore. And that’s one of the biggest advantages that virtual events have over live ones – you can literally choose any location on Earth… or even beyond it. Not even the sky is the limit!

The event took visitors from floor to floor as the hosts took the elevator up in the virtual elevator every time the topic changed. Each of the spaces was completely different and designed around KONE’s new design directions.

The audience loved what they say and showered the project team with praise:

“All of us in the sales team were really excited by this event! We can’t wait to start sharing this with our customers!”

“What can I say – GREAT!!! I am proud to be in the KONE family.”

“This was the best virtual event I’ve ever been part of in terms of technical and digital preparation, really professional.”

“Virtual events are the new way to communicate with customers – they’re like a TV show!”

A huge thanks to our partners and the over 100 KONE people who were part of producing this event.

The TAPAUS team: 

Concept: Arttu Kallio
3D-design: Petri Rantonen
Graphic design: Sanna Lukkarila, Markus Söderlund, Jomi Kyllönen

Account director: Timo Aalto
Project lead: Antti Kihlström
Executive producer: Janne Hakkarainen
Producer: Emma Liuski
Junior producer: Ella Matula
Invitation and registration process: Max Tawast

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