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A HEL of an Airport deserves a stand that lives up to its name. We made one that was as proud and edgy as it was smooth, open and friendly – but most of all it was fabulously Finnish.

World Routes is one of the most important meeting platforms in the aviation industry, bringing airports and airlines together and creating a space to network. Standing out from the competition as a destination and an airport is crucial. We wanted to make Finavia’s stand look and feel like the real thing – a destination that’s easy to get to, nice and comfortable, and super smooth.

A skylight to Finland

Finavia’s main goal at the expo was to showcase Finland as a destination, so we really wanted the stand to let visitors experience Finnishness with all their senses. We did that through Finnish design, Finnish tastes and soundscapes that were definitely exotic to anyone not Finnish.

The stand’s most prominent feature was a massive curved LED screen that extended over the entire stand displaying stunning Finnish landscapes. It was viewed from below like a skylight and we put a lot of time into carefully designing the experience to make sure it wowed everyone who saw it.

”These spectacular video landscapes really created an amazing vibe at the stand,”  said Finavia’s marketing manager, Anna Tuomi. The window got people to stop for a moment to really experience all four of Finland’s seasons.

A stand with values and attitude

The goal was for the stand to also showcase Helsinki-Vantaa’s focus on the future and how it plans to grow and expand over the next few years. But we didn’t want to just show visitors the future, we wanted them to experience it for themselves with VR glasses. This also helped strengthen Finavia’s role as a reliable and attractive partner in the eyes of new airlines too.

All of this supported the core message of Finavia as a pioneering and reliable partner. The stand was designed to be open and inviting and lots of attention was paid to making sure it delivered a smooth and stellar visitor experience. ”The simple, open “kiosk-like” design made it feel really inviting, which really emphasizes Finavia’s values,” Tuomi says.

”The stand got a lot of attention and praise. I’m guessing we’re going to see stands like it at next year’s expo,” Tuomi said with a laugh.

The TAPAUS team:

Project lead: Hannu Huttunen
Producer: Noora Mahlamäki
Planner: Petri Rantonen

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