Brand experiences

Red Bull Unforeseen

We invited festival-goers into a secret Red Bull Unforeseen world on Tikkurila Festival.

Arla Protein Refresh

A product launch to reach the right target group in different ways in a summer tour. Read more about the execution and results of the promotion.


Tapaus has been successfully producing the traditional Marimekko Espa shows and the press shows that were arranged at Helsinki railway station and Öljysäiliö 468.

Tyttöjen taksi – Taxi for Girls

Tyttöjen taksi (Taxi for Girls) initiative provided safe rides home and made a mark on city-dwellers on an important topic.

Love Beauty and Planet meeting point, Flow Festival

We created a summery and eco-forward living room for Unilever’s cosmetics brand Love Beauty and Planet as an oasis at Helsinki’s hugely popular Flow Festival.

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