Arla Protein Refresh

Actively bringing products to active people

Arla decided to enter the highly competitive protein drink market in a refreshingly different way with its carbonated Arla Protein Refresh soft drink.

You need a whole lot of recognition to launch a product like that, in part because Arla is generally thought of as a dairy brand. And of course a big part of building product perception is by letting people try it. Or in this case taste it.

Our promo team goes wherever active people do

Arla Protein Refresh is for people who go, do and live life to the fullest. We tapped into that target audience by organizing a summer tour to introduce the product in festival cities, at sports events and wherever active consumers happened to be.

We ran promotions in a variety of sizes tailored to the venue and target group. In cities, we took over the streets with a show-stopping tent and tour bus. And our mobile units were dispatched to places like the top of the fitness stairs in Malmikartano. Surpriiiise!

More than 25,000 cans of fizz

When you’re on a mission to get people – and a lot of them – tasting, you’ve got to focus on what matters most: careful planning, smooth logistics, professional staff, and good vibes only. The 25,730 cans of Arla Protein Refresh we handed out prove we nailed it.

We also got some valuable (and positive) feedback from consumers: ”A great new addition to the energy drink market,” “An amazing boost,” and “Can I buy this in stores?” Oh, yes you can!

The TAPAUS team:

Project Leader: Mika Roiha
Creative: Reija Forss
Producer, Team Leader: Ida Kielinen
Producer: Maria Sorvali
Project Coordinator: Miina Heinonen


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