Accenture, High Performance Business Forum

Interaction is key – between places as well as people

How to showcase the possibilities offered by digitalisation? We contemplated this question together with Accenture, as we started planning their most important client event of the year, the Nordic High Performance Business Forum. We decided to arrange a top-class virtual event simultaneously in four different capital cities.

On a March Tuesday, more than 1,000 of Accenture’s CXO level clients gathered together – in four different cities. It sounds paradoxical, but isn’t. “From Fragile to Agile. Fast.” was the theme of the HPBF event organised simultaneously in Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen. The distances between the cities were overcome through live connections, which brought together performers and participants alike.

The keynote speaker Jerry Kaplan’s San Francisco performance was broadcast live to all the participating countries. In each venue the audience watched him attentively, as if he were physically in the same room. A CEO panel was also held through a live connection, with each country’s CEO participating.

In addition, every city had plenty of local content, but the main focus was on the shared moments created by active and high quality communication between the different locations. Social media also played an important role; it increased interaction between people from different cities.

The event of 2017 received a thunderous ovation and rave reviews from participants – the new event format was deemed a success among clients as well as Accenture staff.



Project leader: Riitta Anttila
Executive Producers: Antti Kihlström, Tiina Palojärvi, Marjo Salkala
Producers: Valtteri Wallin, Krista Saarikko, Caroline Korhonen
Production Coordinators: Camilla Vanhanen, Jannica Routamo, Ina Hallila

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