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We plan and execute events of all sizes with one sized passion only – BIG!

We believe in encounters

Sure, you can read about what we say we do. Or you can see what we do with your own eyes! We’ve had the pleasure to produce loads of events for amazing clients. Have a look at some of our new work and some of our older cases – we’re proud of them all!


Accenture, High Performance Business Forum

How to showcase the possibilities offered by digitalisation? We decided to arrange a top-class virtual event simultaneously in four different capital cities.

Outokumpu Experience Berlin

Tapaus was a partner in creating the most anticipated industry event, Outokumpu Experience 2015 in Berlin, May 27-28. “After Outokumpu Experience 2013 in London we didn’t think it was possible to set the bar higher. With Tapaus, we did that and exceeded all expectations!” Saara Tahvanainen Director, Marketing and Communication



Once Upon a Time on Hudson River

When a ship that’s been booked as a venue runs aground and becomes completely unusable, the project team gets gray hair. To make the situation even more difficult, all of this happens in front of the Statue of Liberty, on the Hudson River, two weeks before the zero hour. So how did we pull this through?


Why use a Finnish company to plan a stand for an exhibition in Hong Kong?

The first question to ask is, which company would be best at executing a stand in the first place? The correct answers are: One that understands your company, its purpose and its goals.



Tapaus has been successfully producing the traditional Marimekko Espa shows and the press shows that were arranged at Helsinki railway station and Öljysäiliö 468 in 2014. It has been a pleasure to work with Timo, Minna and the whole Tapaus team – productions run smoothly and the people in Tapaus always work with a good […]


A virtual event enables effective internal communication and interaction

When something momentous is happening in a company – or there is cause for celebration – there is usually a need to gather everyone together as effectively as possible. This is done to prevent a situation where some of the staff hear news and the rest hear rumours. Or that some feel rewarded and praised, […]

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