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We plan and execute events of all sizes with one sized passion only – BIG!

We believe in encounters

Sure, you can read about what we say we do. Or you can see what we do with your own eyes! We’ve had the pleasure to produce loads of events for amazing clients. Have a look at some of our new work and some of our older cases – we’re proud of them all!

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Telia Day ONE – number one in results too

We exceeded all the goals we set for this virtual event and that’s not because those goals were small, it’s because we did things right.

Accenture, High Performance Business Forum

How to showcase the possibilities offered by digitalisation? We decided to arrange a top-class virtual event simultaneously in four different capital cities.


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Valtra G-series virtual launch

The global situation made this tractor launch to go virtual.

Planmeca Digital Dentistry World Tour

The Digital Dentistry World Tour took Planmeca’s pioneering digital dental solutions straight to dental professionals around the globe.


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Red Bull Unforeseen

We invited festival-goers into a secret Red Bull Unforeseen world on Tikkurila Festival.


Tapaus has been successfully producing the traditional Marimekko Espa shows and the press shows that were arranged at Helsinki railway station and Öljysäiliö 468.


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A strategy that came to life – Nokian Renkaat, Global Leadership Event

Strategy is a total waste if you keep it in the back of a safe collecting dust. That’s why it needs to be brought to life and turned into action.

A virtual event enables effective internal communication and interaction

How do you create a sense of togetherness when people are spread around? How do you make your staff all around the world feel that they are all equally important?


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Finavia World Routes Barcelona

A HEL of an Airport deserves a stand that lives up to its name. We made one that was as proud and edgy as it was smooth, open and friendly – but most of all it was fabulously Finnish.

Airbus, CCW 2018

Sure, it would be easy to just dig last year’s set and materials out of the cellar and follow the same event script as last time. But the Airbus Secure Land Communications business unit definitely isn’t about taking the easy road. When a company is all about renewing itself and being a pioneer, that’s got to show in its exhibition stand.


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Toyota Gazoo Racing launch

If you’re going to make a comeback to the FIA World Rally Championship after a 17-year
break, it’s best to do it loud and proud. At least that’s what we did when we set out to
create a car launch that was designed to be seen and felt.

Once Upon a Time on Hudson River

When a ship that’s been booked as a venue runs aground and becomes completely unusable, the project team gets gray hair. To make the situation even more difficult, all of this happens in front of the Statue of Liberty, on the Hudson River, two weeks before the zero hour. So how did we pull this through?


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