TAPAUS acquires Eventyr and expands into Sweden

Press release 21.1.2020


The Nordics’ largest event marketing agency TAPAUS Ltd. strengthens its capabilities – particularly in employee events ­­– by acquiring Stockholm-based event agency Eventyr Ltd.

With the acquisition of Sweden’s leading event agency Eventyr Ltd., TAPAUS continues to implement its growth strategy by expanding into the Swedish market. Both companies will continue to operate independently, taking advantage of each other’s unique strengths.

“We did a broad study of the Swedish market and it was clear that Eventyr was the market’s leading agency, which made it our number one choice. We are extremely happy to be partnering with Eventyr, as it’s clear that we share the same values and ambitions. We both want to learn from each other and push our industry forward. By joining forces, we aim to be the leading event agency in the Nordics”, says TAPAUS’s Managing Director Timo Aalto.

Founded in 1995, Eventyr is a widely awarded event marketing agency made up of 32 event professionals. Eventyr’s Managing Director Sofi Franzén was named Sweden’s CEO of the Year in 2018. Eventyr shares TAPAUS’s company culture, where staff is at the heart of everything and humor is an important part of our work.

“Over the past few years we have grown Eventyr from an agency with a turnover of around 9.5 million euros into an agency with a 15-million-euro turnover and strong plans for the future. Many of our current customers have expressed interest in the idea of working with an agency that’s a Nordic player, which is why partnering with TAPAUS felt so right strategically and so exciting for us as a company. Our customers are the biggest winners in this deal”, says Eventyr’s Founder and Managing Director Sofi Franzén.

Swedish companies have been investing in events as a way to engage employees for years. And there is a growing demand for that in Finland, too, as shifts in working life and the retirement of baby boomers are forcing Finnish companies to invest more in engaging current employees and attracting new ones.

“Eventyr has amazing expertise in producing employee events, which will help us develop both the quality of our clients’ B2E events and the skills our own people. With this acquisition, we also want to become the best and most appealing and interesting place to work for event professionals in Finland and Sweden. Combining TAPAUS’s corporate event expertise and Eventyr’s employee event expertise really allows us to create a winning recipe for the Nordic market”, says TAPAUS Ltd.’s Managing Director Timo Aalto.

After the acquisition, the TAPAUS Group’s estimated turnover will reach approximately 50 million euros in 2020, with its sights set on more extensive growth in the Nordics. The acquisition was completed in January of 2020. Sofi Franzén will continue as Managing Director of Eventyr Ltd. and will become a shareholder in the TAPAUS Group.


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