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Here at Tapaus, we know that when people come together, everything is possible. The events, exhibitions and spaces we create are building a world where the encounters between people lead to business success stories.

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Event marketing agencies TAPAUS and Roof Productions join forces in corporate merger

The acquisition will enable a more versatile offering for customers of both companies without changes to staff or existing customer projects.

Why use a Finnish company to plan a stand for an exhibition in Hong Kong?

The first question to ask is, which company would be best at executing a stand in the first place? The correct answers are: One that understands your company, its purpose and its goals.

A virtual event enables effective internal communication and interaction

When something momentous is happening in a company – or there is cause for celebration – there is usually a need to gather everyone together as effectively as possible. This is done to prevent a situation where some of the staff hear news and the rest hear rumours. Or that some feel rewarded and praised, […]


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