Airbus – exhibitions around the world

When Airbus builds a stand anywhere in the world, everyone visits. That is why the stand has to accommodate both local content and a truly global audience.


Airbus’s Secure Land Communications business unit has, within the space of a year, participated in Critical Communications exhibitions in Dubai, Copenhagen and Hong Kong. Next in line is Berlin. At each exhibition, the stand has been designed to respect the language and culture of the host country. “This is important, as the majority of visitors are either from the host country or its neighbouring areas”, explains Airbus’s Senior Event Marketing Manager Igor Vinogradoff.

For example, in Dubai, the police officers in the printed material were Arabian. In Hong Kong, we had signs in Chinese and meeting rooms named after local action heroes. Small details like these show respect for the culture, build bridges, kick off conversations, and bring people closer together.

We must also keep in mind that the entire world visits the Airbus stand. “We are prepared to meet the needs of clients, wherever they are from. We have brochures available in several languages. And we never use gelatin in our desserts,” explains Vinogradoff.


Planned in Finland, executed abroad

TAPAUS has consistently won contracts for planning and executing exhibition stands and events for the Airbus Secure Land Communications business unit. In addition to the Critical Communications exhibition, TAPAUS participated in the execution of last year’s Secure Networks Users' Conference in Nice, which is Airbus’s own event.

A shared history is of great advantage when building particularly challenging and impressive stands. “Unexpected problems are easier to handle with a familiar partner by suggesting, for example, ‘let’s do what we did in Copenhagen’. They will immediately know what we mean”, says Vinogradoff.


A good agency learns something from every event, makes mental notes and gains competence along the way. “You must always be prepared for the unexpected with so many details to handle.” TAPAUS is reliable. Once an issue has been discussed, it will be executed exactly as agreed.

Vinogradoff, who has worked in event and exhibition production for 20 years, also praises the collaborative culture. “The stands and events are planned meticulously together, and TAPAUS respects the clients’ views and opinions. They never try to talk me out of ideas that are important to me; instead, they implement those ideas skilfully. Faced with a problem, they never give up. They always have a plan B, so that things can move along.”

TAPAUS is proud of the collaboration so far, and we are ready to fight to win the next contract.



Project Leader: Hannu Huttunen
Executive Producer: Salla Pakaslahti
Producer: Noora Mahlamäki

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