Carbon-smart events and exhibitions

TAPAUS's carbon footprint calculator, climate guide and partnership with Compensate

Here at TAPAUS, we want to make it as easy for our customers to offset the carbon they use as
it is to pay royalties on the music they use.

We want to make it super easy for our customers to offset the carbon footprint left by the events
we help them organize. To do that, we use our carbon footprint calculator to count the CO2
emissions caused by each project, add that sum to the customer’s invoice and then pay it directly
the Compensate Foundation on the customer’s behalf.

We’ve created a three-tier solution as part of our climate strategy, including a guide, our carbon
calculator, and carbon compensation. We see climate change as the biggest challenge humanity
has ever faced, and the event industry can and must be part of the solution.

The TAPAUS DEGREE Climate Breakfast

On 9.5.2019 we organized the DEGREE Climate Morning event at Savoy Theatre. During the event,
we launched the climate calculator and guide we use together with Compensate to help our
customers offset the carbon footprint left by their events and exhibitions.

A number of inspiring speakers took the stage at the event – the explorer Pata Degerman, Janne
Peljo from The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, Antero Vartia from Compensate, and Timo Aalto
from Tapaus. Their message was loud and clear: We have to work together right now to stop the
effects of climate change.

And that’s exactly why we want to challenge not only the entire Finnish events industry but also
every corporation and person to decrease their carbon footprint now by making choices that are
good for the environment – and good for us all.

Making a positive impact might sound hard, but we’ve made it easy with our Carbon Calculator
and Tips for organizing a carbon-smart event guide. To learn more about the amazing work

Compensate is doing, click here.

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