Get to know the leading event marketing agency in the Nordics

TAPAUS was founded in 2012 by Timo Aalto and Joonas Patama. With around 20 years of combined experience in the events industry, the foundation was solid from the start.

Here at TAPAUS, everything we do really comes down to people – bold, innovative, reliable and fair people. We love what we and the people we work with. We believe and know from experience that our experienced and passionate people are our company’s most important resource – not to mention its heart and soul. And with amazing clients like ours, all of us at TAPAUS get to work on interesting and challenging projects that push us to grow as people and professionals.

TAPAUS values & our responsibility as an employee

Our values truly are the foundation of everything we do. Why? Because we defined them together.

We above me

Braver than yesterday

Passionate beyond reason

Always there

At TAPAUS, we encourage people to have the courage to say what’s on their mind, be their authentic selves, and to boldly come up with new ideas and try new things.

At TAPAUS, team spirit isn’t just about us, it’s about all of us – our people, our clients and our partners. For us, the answer to the question “Business or pleasure?” is most definitely “BOTH!”. We want to enjoy the work we do and we want our company to be a place that lives and breathes fairness.

And at TAPAUS, the cornerstone of everything we do is reliability.

Towards carbon-negative events

We believe that climate change is the biggest challenge humankind has ever faced and the events industry has to be part of the solution. In 2018, we launched our own three-tier climate solution. We drafted a guide with tips on organising carbon-smart events (with some tips for life, too). We also created a carbon footprint counter to help event organisers calculate their event’s carbon footprint and a sum of money that is used to offset the emissions five-fold. We’re already using the carbon footprint counter to calculate the emissions caused by each project and the sum needed to offset them. We add the sum to the event invoice and pass it on in full to the Compensate Foundation, which directs the money to carbon sink projects.

We practice what we preach

We don’t just organise amazing events for our clients, we also organise them for ourselves! After all, we know from experience that getting together and experiencing something great is the best way to boost team spirit and help make sure people love what they do, which (as you read above) is one of our values. We put lots of time and effort into our own internal events – they’re also the perfect testing ground for new ideas and executions. And of course the best ones get passed on to the events we organize for our clients.

TAPAUS’s recreational clubs

The people of TAPAUS have gotten together to create all kinds of recreational clubs to help balance out the often hectic work we do. There’s a book club, a golf club, a run club, and we even organize an annual hockey tournament for players in the events industry.

A group of individuals

TAPAUS is one big happy events organizing family made up of close to 90 professionals from diverse backgrounds. We truly believe that our diversity enriches our people, our customers, and our partners.

DiSC profile

When a new staff member’s trial period is over, we like to do a DiSC profile to give us new and deeper insights into ourselves and how we work together. DiSC is a tool used to help drive communication, productivity and teamwork.

Annual bonuses and the bonus fund  

Every year we distribute 10% of our bottom line equally among our employees. If you ask us, when everyone is working together towards a shared goal, it’s good for our customers, our people and our company.

Our employees also have the option to invest their annual bonus in a communal reward fund.

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