Get to know the leading event marketing agency in the Nordics

The Finnish LIWLIG Group, the parent company of TAPAUS, is the largest event marketing agency in the Nordics with offices in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Along with TAPAUS, LIWLIG Group includes Eventyr Nine Yards, the market leader in the Swedish event marketing field, the Norwegian event and brand experience agency 6.Sans and one of the leading event agencies of Denmark Welcome A/S. LIWLIG produces more than 1 000 events for its clients every year, in around 50 countries. The group is expected to reach a turnover of around €100 million in 2023 and has around 260 employees.

Mikael Castrén has been appointed as CEO of TAPAUS, Timo Aalto will take on the role of CEO of TAPAUS' parent company LIWLIG Group

TAPAUS is undergoing a management change with the appointment of Mikael Castrén as the company’s new CEO

LIWLIG Group acquired Danish event agency Welcome

LIWLIG Group acquired Danish event agency to grow to leading €100 million Nordic event company

The TAPAUS family is growing

Tapaus's parent company, LIWLIG Group, strengthens its position in the Nordic market by acquiring Norwegian event agency 6.Sans.

The TAPAUS Group expands

The Tapaus Group expands and strengthens its position as the largest event agency in the Nordics as Swedish Nine Yards becomes part of Tapaus's subsidiary Eventyr

TAPAUS acquires Eventyr and expands into Sweden

With the acquisition of Sweden’s leading event agency Eventyr, TAPAUS continues to implement its growth strategy by expanding into the Swedish market.


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