Sustainability is one of the cornerstones in our strategy and thus we are constantly developing new ways to make our events more climate-friendly. The newest addition to our tool kit is the Reuse rate -calculator which, as the name implies, allows us to measure the exact re-use percentage of the exhibition stands we have implemented. 

The Reuse rate of every exhibition stand is expressed as a percentage between 0 and 100.


  1. Rental equipment,
  2. Materials reused by the builder,
  3. Elements reused by the customer,
  4. Sorting and recycling.

At the beginning of the planning process for an exhibition stand, a Reuse Rate target is set. The target then impacts the decisions and solutions made in the planning process. The percentage is monitored throughout the project and a final, achieved Reuse percentage is calculated after the event. The Reuse Rate logo, designed entirely for this specific purpose, communicates the Reuse Rates of any of the stands we have planned and produced. Items that cannot be reused will be properly sorted and recycled.

Let’s calculate the Reuse Rate for your next exhibition stand!

Hannu Huttunen, Business Development Director

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