At TAPAUS, we don’t just want to be a pioneer in our field, we also want to be a pioneer in operating ethically. Our goal is to make sure TAPAUS is a happy and equal work environment where our employees, partners and the planet are always respected and encouraged. We also actively work to promote climate positivity in all of our events. Equal rights, safe working conditions, preserving the environment and anti-corruption are all key to driving the kind of fair and sustainable development that we want to see happen.

So where did all of this begin? In the spring of 2018, we at TAPAUS found ourselves with a serious case of climate anxiety, but we were struggling to think of ways to make a positive change. We also found that we weren’t alone. So we channeled our anxiety into a quest for knowledge and what we learned along the way ultimately became TAPAUS’s Climate Strategy, which we’ve been continuously developing ever since.  

On this page, you’ll find all kinds of information and inspiration on organizing events responsibly. Happy scrolling!


The newest addition to our tool kit is the Reuse rate -calculator

Code of Conduct - Tapaus ethical business principles

Our ethical business principles that guide our management and employees to achieve tour shared goals.


The purpose of the calculator is to help Tapaus’ clients identify the climate impacts of their events and make the right choices

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