Here at TAPAUS, we believe that the interactions between people are key to creating successful businesses.

Find your common ground

These days, competition to grab people’s attention is fiercer than ever. But the truth is, people are people and that will never change. When you want to truly connect, build trust, get people excited and get them on board, the best way to do that is face to face – with real encounters.

TAPAUS creates common ground – where you and your audiences can meet.


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Our goal is to make sure TAPAUS is a happy and equal work environment where our employees, partners and the planet are always respected and encouraged.

Event organizing as a career

We believe in interaction


We turn moments into momentum


In a world more socially distant and digitally connected we all need to have more shared experiences and encounters. It’s in our nature. We all want to be amazed, inspired and a part of something bigger. We find purpose in creating those moments and in breathing new life into people, brands, cultures and companies. Together we are LIWLIG.

News and press releases

The TAPAUS family is growing

Tapaus’s parent company, LIWLIG Group, strengthens its position in the Nordic market by acquiring Norwegian event agency 6.Sans.

TAPAUS has opened a New York office

We have opened a New York office to offer even better service for our clients who operate in and expand to North America.

TAPAUS acquires Eventyr and expands into Sweden

With the acquisition of Sweden’s leading event agency Eventyr, TAPAUS continues to implement its growth strategy by expanding into the Swedish market.


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