8 tips for organizing a carbon-smart event

In the spring of 2018, we here at Tapaus came to the conclusion that the best way to relieve the stress of climate change is to act. And preferably right now (if not yesterday) and every single day.

Climate change is the biggest challenge humankind have ever faced, and the carbon footprint left by the events industry – just like every other industry – is simply too big. We have to be part of the change.

No one can fight climate change alone. We’re all in this together, and for us that means working with our customers to make positive changes. Our climate strategy is all about giving you the tools and inspiration you need to plan more sustainable events and exhibitions, including a carbon calculator to help you understand the carbon footprint left by your event and a super simple way to compensate.

We’ve put together eight quick tips for reducing the carbon footprint of your event. Check them out to see how sustainability can actually be super simple AND fun!

1. Organise your event in the middle of everything

You know what they say: “Location is everything!” Travel is the single biggest contributor to an event’s carbon footprint, so location really does matter. Hosting your event in your home city or someplace that’s easily accessible with public transportation (or walking or biking distance) is a great way to cut your event’s emission.

2. Hop on the bus or a train

Cars are convenient, but not for planet. There are so many better ways to get where you’re going. Plus, when you travel by train or public transport, you don’t have to worry about fighting for a parking spot. AND you can use the extra time to work, socialise – or even grab a nap so you’re ready for the big event

3. More vegetables on your plate

Event catering is usually the second biggest contributor to an event’s carbon footprint. The endless possibilities of innovative (and yummy!) plant-based foods are bringing all kinds of new tastes and experiences to the table – even for the most discerning palates! Bon appétit

4. Ditch the paper and plastic plates

Real dishes are way better for the environment than paper or plastic, and food usually tastes better when eaten off of them too! If you have to use the disposable stuff, choose a biodegradable option.

5. Give a gift that the whole planet will love

Giveaways are great, but not always for the planet. Instead of individually wrapped giveaways packed in plastic, pick something like flowers or something edible.

6. Let’s get digital

You can handle pretty much all event comms digitally via email, an event website, or app. From invitations to thank you notes to maps and more, just say what’s on your mind, add a pic and wooosh!

7. Compensate for your event’s emissions

Every event or exhibition leaves a carbon footprint. Use our handy carbon calculator to calculate the carbon emissions your event creates and offset them by paying a sum that will be passed on directly to the Compensate Foundation to be used to fund carbon sink projects.

8. Tell the world how green you are

The power of example is amazing. And so is your smart-carbon event!  Make sure to tell guests (and others!) about all the ways your event is helping to fight climate change. Remember, sharing really is caring!


We hope these quick tips gave you some serious climate inspiration! For a much deeper dive into this important and exciting topic, download our ”Tips for a carbon-conscious event and a greener life in general” here.

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