Nokia World Abu Dhabi

Tapaus was a great partner when we arranged our annual launch and B2B event Nokia World on October 22-23 in Abu Dhabi. The Nokia events team is always actively involved in defining the theme and creative implementation. Therefore it requires a very flexible and confident group of partners to manage the execution and beat the highly set expectations. The team from Tapaus added heaps of value and was able to understand and build upon our needs: The result was a very successful event execution.

Björn Wigforss
Global Events Director


Tapauksen tiimi

Projektijohtaja: Timo Aalto
Vastaavat tuottajat: Antti Kihlström, Joonas Patama, Marjo Salkala
Tuottaja: Tiina Palojärvi
Tuotantokoordinaattorit: Ina Hallila